What is Unusual Options Activity, and Why Would You Want It? | Intrinio

What is unusual options activity?

To state the obvious, unusual options activity is anything that happens on the options market that seems out of the ordinary. Because the options market focuses solely on the future performance of a particular company, and provides easy access to leverage for individuals and institutions, this information can be highly valuable and highly profitable in the right hands.

How does Intrinio track unusual options activity?

You can track unusual options activity via our Web API endpoint. Currently, unusual options activity is available for clients who are subscribed to our real-time option data, but will soon be available to our delayed option data clients as well.

  • Timestamp
  • Sweep or block
  • Total value

Why would you want unusual options activity data?

Unusual options activity data can be very helpful in determining the direction of the market for a particular company or sector. On May 21, Zack’s Equity Research reported unusual options activity on AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC). By June 2, the stock price had risen by more than 417%. Similarly, Market Rebellion reported unusual activity on GameStop Corp (GME) on December 23, 2020. Over the next month and change, the underlying stock price went from around $20 to around $326 (an increase of about 1,589%).



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