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2 min readOct 18, 2021


If you run any type of investing platform, you need accurate real-time market data. Typically, you would have three options for real-time equity pricing data:

You probably see the pattern: high quality and high cost vs. low quality and low cost.

Intrinio’s Multi-Exchange feed creates an intermediate solution that combines data from the IEX and MEMEX exchanges for higher liquidity (6%+) and better accuracy. The Multi-Exchange feed provides approximately twice the market volume of either exchange individually. Since IEX features lots of activity from retail investors and MEMEX includes trades from institutional investors, Multi-Exchange offers a well-rounded overview of the market.

With Multi-Exchange, you get:

  • Reduced drift from NBBO
  • No exchange fees
  • No per user fees
  • No permissions or authorizations
  • No registering with exchanges
  • Little to no paperwork

Multi-Exchange is available via our powerful Web API (a request/response-based method) and WebSocket (a push delivery system which streams every update). The following datapoints are included:

  • Ask & bid price (best between exchanges)
  • Volume (sum across exchanges)
  • Last sale
  • Timestamp
  • Open, high & low

When you become a Multi-Exchange customer, you’ll also enjoy all the other perks of being an Intrinio partner, such as:

  • An in-house ticketing system for technical issues and 5 day/week live chat
  • Direct email and phone access to your customer success team
  • Technical support from our CTO and engineering staff
  • Data sourcing services from our business development manager
  • Marketing and promotional initiatives with our marketing team

Visit our website to learn more about our Multi-Exchange feed and request a consultation with our team.

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