Real-Time or Delayed Market Data: Which is Right for You? | Intrinio

What’s the difference?

Real-time market data is essential for driving trading decisions, creating buy and sell sentiment, and powering trade execution platforms. These use cases require the ability to react quickly to market changes — delayed data will put you at a serious disadvantage. Intrinio clients can stream real-time market data through our WebSocket, which continually pushes, or streams, data to the user with low latency. Or, you can pull the latest real-time price as needed via our Web API.

What’s best for your company?

Based on our experience serving the following types of companies, here’s what we recommend:

Why choose Intrinio for market data?

  • Speed: Our real-time market data is low latency, meaning our clients don’t miss any opportunities because of data delays.
  • Guidance: Navigating the different requirements and fees of each exchange and the paperwork that accompanies that can be a major headache for your company. Intrinio advises clients on choosing the right exchange and works with the exchanges to coordinate paperwork, reporting, and delivery.
  • Support: We care about our clients’ businesses and provide first-class tools and support to help succeed. This includes SDKs, technical consulting and implementation help, third-party coordination, a customer success team, and a built-in ticketing system for technical and data quality issues.



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