Real-Time or Delayed Market Data: Which is Right for You? | Intrinio

We love to have everything instantaneously, so it makes sense that real-time market data seems attractive. Depending on your use case, however, you may be able to gain huge cost savings by using delayed data.

Here’s a guide to whether you need real-time equity or options prices for your platform, or if delayed data meets your needs.

What’s the difference?

Delayed market data is valuable for businesses that need to display stock prices and other datapoints on their platform or website. Delayed feeds typically have the same datapoints as real-time feeds. This data is available through our Web API with a 15-minute delay.

When choosing between feeds, exchange fees are a critical consideration. You can pay thousands each month just in exchange fees, which are determined by the exchange and non-negotiable. Delayed feeds typically save clients $1,000 to $5,000 a month in exchange fees. For most delayed datasets, there are also no exchange reporting requirements or variable per-user fees associated, which require sophisticated entitlement systems to maintain.

Intrinio offers both real-time and delayed data for US stock prices and option data, and our data sourcing program allows for access to other forms of real-time and delayed market data through our data partners.

What’s best for your company?

If you don’t fall into these categories, you can reach out to our team for a personal recommendation!

Why choose Intrinio for market data?

  • Guidance: Navigating the different requirements and fees of each exchange and the paperwork that accompanies that can be a major headache for your company. Intrinio advises clients on choosing the right exchange and works with the exchanges to coordinate paperwork, reporting, and delivery.
  • Support: We care about our clients’ businesses and provide first-class tools and support to help succeed. This includes SDKs, technical consulting and implementation help, third-party coordination, a customer success team, and a built-in ticketing system for technical and data quality issues.

Our experienced team can help you identify whether real-time or 15-minute delayed data is the best fit for your data needs. Request a consultation to get started.

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