Real-Time or Delayed Market Data: Which is Right for You? | Intrinio

What’s the difference?

What’s best for your company?

Why choose Intrinio for market data?

  • Speed: Our real-time market data is low latency, meaning our clients don’t miss any opportunities because of data delays.
  • Guidance: Navigating the different requirements and fees of each exchange and the paperwork that accompanies that can be a major headache for your company. Intrinio advises clients on choosing the right exchange and works with the exchanges to coordinate paperwork, reporting, and delivery.
  • Support: We care about our clients’ businesses and provide first-class tools and support to help succeed. This includes SDKs, technical consulting and implementation help, third-party coordination, a customer success team, and a built-in ticketing system for technical and data quality issues.



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High-quality financial data. Tools built for developers. First-class, US-based support. Data doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.