How to Rebalance Your Stock Portfolio with Python

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  • What are the Benefits of Rebalancing a Stock Portfolio?
  • Stock Weighting Methodologies and Python Snippets

What are the Benefits of Rebalancing a Stock Portfolio?

Investors should periodically rebalance their portfolios to maintain their designated portfolio weights over a long time horizon and across bullish and bearish market conditions.

  • reduced portfolio risk,
  • increased portfolio diversity, and
  • avoiding mental investment biases.

Reduced Portfolio Risk

  • GME’s equity is worth $28,279 | GME’s portfolio weighting is 59.7%
  • TSLA’s equity is worth $12,709 | TSLA’s portfolio weighting is 26.8%
  • AMD’s equity is worth $2,581 | AMD’s portfolio weighting is 5.4%
  • GOOG’s equity is worth $2,065 | GOOG’s portfolio weighting is 4.4%
  • AMZN’s equity is worth $1,743 | AMZN’s portfolio weighting is 3.7%

Increased Portfolio Diversity

Avoiding Mental Investment Biases

Stock Weighting Methodologies and Python Snippets

The following sections will illustrate three rebalance methodologies and show an investor how to use Python & Intrinio’s Financial APIs to quickly calculate portfolio weightings for their holdings once they decide on the stock they desire to own.

  • Equal Weight,
  • Market Cap Weight, and
  • Efficient Frontier Weight.

Equal Weight Rebalancing

Equal weight rebalancing is typically identified as a value-based methodology.

Market Cap Rebalancing

Unlike an equal weight rebalance, market weight rebalancing is a momentum-based methodology.

Efficient Frontier Rebalancing

For investors looking to take a more quantitative focus on their portfolio allocation and rebalance methodologies, efficient frontier weighting is an excellent option to maximize returns while reducing risk.

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