Choosing An Exchange For Real-Time Stock Prices | Intrinio

Why are stock prices different across exchanges?

How do stock prices converge?

What are your options for real-time stock prices?

What else do you need to know?

  • How are you going to connect to the exchange? Are you going to physically set up a server near the exchange and pay someone to maintain it, or work with a third-party vendor that already has the infrastructure?
  • How are you going to retrieve the data? There is a huge variety of access methods — most of our clients connect over Web API to request updates as needed, or WebSocket to stream prices continuously.
  • What paperwork do you need to submit? Each exchange has different paperwork and different departments that you’ll need to contact. You’ll also need to figure out if you’re required to report users, how often you need to report them, and how you pay for each user.



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