Budget-Friendly Data for Your Business

2 min readSep 23, 2022


Industries and consumers around the world are feeling the inflation right now, but that doesn’t mean your business has to.

Where can I get affordable stock market data?

Your company can get access to inexpensive and ethically sourced stock market data by partnering with Intrinio.

Unlike most data providers, we’ve kept our prices as low as possible because Intrinio wants to help your company build the next revolutionary innovation.

We’ve designed nine effective data packages that include high-quality data, expert customer and technical support, easy-to-use access methods, advanced tools, and a plethora of resources.

Our platform has everything your business needs and more.

Who is Intrinio?

Intrinio is a licensed US financial data API provider trusted by thousands of companies.

We’ve designed a powerful financial data platform along with advanced developer tools, and most importantly — made market data more accessible and budget-friendly for all types of fintech establishments.

What kind of data does Intrinio offer?

When it comes to financial data, we’ve got you covered.

We offer several market data packages for business use, and our team of trained professionals can also build you a custom market data solution based on what your company needs.

Our powerful feeds and comprehensive data solutions have helped various branches of the financial services industry including retail trading platforms, financial institutions, advisory firms, and other investment platforms.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about paying insane fees or integration costs. We’ve simplified the entire data buying process because we know how complex the world of market data is.

Interested in creating something cutting-edge? Try out our platform and subscribe to one of our financial products for 14 days free of charge.




High-quality financial data. Tools built for developers. First-class, US-based support. Data doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.