5 Apps That Will Make You A Better Investor


What is Yieldstreet?

How much does Yieldstreet cost?

What are the pros of Yieldstreet?

  • Easy-to-use platform and app
  • Access to a range of asset classes
  • Build a portfolio of unique offerings
  • Diversify your portfolio in a few clicks
  • Useful product education materials

What are the cons of Yieldstreet?

  • Higher-risk investments
  • Mainly designed for accredited investors


What is Moomoo?

Does Moomoo cost money?

What are the pros of Moomoo?

  • Invest in stocks, ETFs, Options, and ADRs
  • Robust sign-up bonuses
  • Strong charting capabilities
  • Detailed information on each security
  • Offers depth of book data at no additional cost
  • Several customer support options (phone, 24/7 live chat, email)

What are the cons of Moomoo?

  • $0.65 fees per every option contract traded
  • Complicated interface and not user-friendly
  • Doesn’t offer mutual funds or cryptocurrency

Public Holdings, Inc.

What is Public?

Is Public a free investing app?

What are the pros of Public?

  • Simple way to invest in stocks, crypto, and ETFs
  • In-depth and useful information on each security
  • Great tools and resources for beginner investors

What are the cons of Public?

  • Doesn’t offer Options trading
  • Limited charting capabilities
  • Only allows for simple trading strategies


What is Utradea?

Is Utradea free?

What are the pros of Utradea?

  • Advanced cryptocurrency insights
  • Powerful stock and cryptocurrency screener
  • Value analysis visualization tools

What are the cons of Utradea?

  • Doesn’t offer ESG options
  • Congested and confusing interface


What is Linqto?

How much does Linqto cost?

What are the pros of Linqto?

  • Liquidity in the private tech sector
  • Low investment minimum
  • Beneficial referral program
  • Users can fund accounts with cryptocurrencies

What are the cons of Linqto?

  • Only available to accredited investors
  • Limited customer support options

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