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4 min readDec 11, 2020


Well, 2020 was certainly something. Above all, we hope that you, your family, and your team have been safe and healthy.

Many of us simplified this year — eliminating distractions to focus on what was most important. The team at Intrinio applied that mentality to our business, with some great results.

Here’s an overview of what we accomplished in 2020!

Doubling Down on Core Products

In July, we announced a major shift: we were scaling back and refocusing on our core fundamentals and market data products. Since this data is crucial to our customers, we devoted our full energy toward improving the data quality, adding new features, and refining our access methods. (A huge variety of third-party data is still available through our data sourcing program, so we continue to be your single point of contact for all of your financial data needs.) We also entirely rebuilt our website to better educate visitors about our products, resources, and technology.

Launching Options Data

By (extremely) popular demand, we launched real-time and delayed US options data! But there’s a twist: our options data is filtered. Pulling US options pricing data typically requires significant infrastructure investment on top of front-end licensing and delivery costs. The filtered options feed delivers real-time trades and National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO), which is flagged by OPRA and conflated at 250-millisecond intervals. You get all the value of the standard OPRA feed while eliminating unactionable data for an 80% reduction in bandwidth and processing requirements. Plus, the feed is supplemented with data from the OCC, such as expiration dates, as well as Greeks and implied volatility.

Simplifying Our Sales Process

This year, we drastically simplified our sales and onboarding processes. All interested visitors are now directed to request a free, one-on-one consultation with our team. That helps us determine whether we’re a good fit for your business before moving forward. If we are, we schedule a call to build your solution architecture, deliver a proposal and attach pricing, and set up a proof-of-concept trial for your team to test the solution. We also provide developers to assist with integration and a dedicated account manager to answer questions. This blog explains what to expect from a consultation and onward.

Improving Our Ticketing Process

Whenever you have an account question or you’re facing a data quality challenge, our customer success team is there to save the day. All paid customers and trialing prospects have access to Intrinio’s built-in ticketing system. Our customer success team reviews tickets and responds to any account-related inquiries. They can also direct tickets to the correct team for any data quality or technical issues. This new process allows for faster responses and a more streamlined experience.

Building a New Account Page

We completely redesigned the account portal to help you contact your account manager, file a support ticket, view your subscriptions, access documentation, and update your billing information in one place. If you’re trialing with Intrinio, you can also track the progress of your onboarding, manage meetings, review proposals and contracts, and much more.

Enhancing Our Software Development Kits

Many developers rely on our SDKs to work with the Intrinio API in the language they’re most comfortable in (we offer six). We implemented rate-limiting so that our SDKs obey your API limits instead of returning 429 errors. The SDK waits until you’re able to execute their desired API call and tries again when it’s safe to do so. This goes a long way toward letting you focus on writing code without worrying about limits. We also launched a feature that automatically retries failed API requests. Requests often fail for reasons outside of our control, such as network failures and occasional overloads. Retries make the experience much smoother, resulting in fewer errors.

Filling Out Fundamentals

We took on several projects to enhance our fundamentals product:

  • Standardizing the cover page for 10-Qs and 10-Ks, which allows us to provide long-awaited data points such as public float and shares outstanding
  • Decreasing the number of uncovered fundamentals by applying our newest, most powerful code to resolve known errors
  • Launching published fundamentals, which eliminates the issue of fundamentals data being missing from the API as we reprocess filings
  • Supplementing with additional SEC data such as insider transactions and ownership and institutional holdings

Integrating with Snowflake

We integrated with Snowflake to better serve customers who need direct database access to our financial data. This powerful integration allows users to write SQL queries against massive amounts of data, which can be difficult or impossible with traditional single-instance databases. You can scan terabytes of data within seconds with advanced filtering. Whether you’re an existing Snowflake customer or not, integration is fast and easy. You can also connect a variety of languages and frameworks to Snowflake’s system, including ODBC, Python, Spark, and more.

We, like many businesses, did all of this while working safely from home. We were fortunate to be able to continue growing, innovating, and delivering affordable data solutions so that our clients could keep growing and innovating during the pandemic.

What can you expect in the coming year? Even higher data quality, more coverage, and tons of new features. We’ll even let you in on a secret: our R&D team has been grinding this year, and we’ll soon be adding qualitative data insights to our quantitative data.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you in 2020, and we look forward to an incredible 2021.

Not working with Intrinio yet? Request a consultation with our team and we’ll crush the new year together.

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